Service Plans


Vehicle Service Contract

  • You choose your coverage level, contract length, number of miles, & deductible. 
  • Cover all of the following depending on package selected: Engine, Turbocharger/supercharger, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, seals & gaskets, steering, brakes, Electrical, air conditioner, front & rear suspension, fuel delivery, cooling, enhanced electrical. 
  • Coverage up to 150,000 miles 
  • 24/7 roadside assistance  
  • Payment options 
  • Extra Benefits: Rental ($40 per per/$280 per repair, Towing (up to $150 per occurrence), Trip Interruption (up to $150 per day/ up to $450 per occurrence, when more than 100 miles from home), Lost Key/Lockout (helps cover costs, $35 max), road Hazard (up to $20 for tire repair, up to $100 for tire replacement, Max $400 during term) 

Tire and Wheel

  • Up to 5 years of coverage 
  • Repair or replacement of flat tire or damaged wheel 
  • Covers all charges associated with the repair or replacement of a tire/wheel including mounting, balancing, value stems, tire disposal, labor, and taxes. 
  • No deductible. 
  • No limits on the number of occurrence, mileage, or claim benefits 
  • All vehicle tires are covered as long as they have at least 3/32” of tread at the time of damage 

Elite Appearance

  • Up to 7 years of coverage 
  • Warranted Interior Protection against: fast food & beverage stains, bleaches & dyes, Sun’s UV rays, fading or discoloration, cracking of the dash, lipstick or makeup, chewing gum, ink stains, mold or mildew, rips & tears up to 6” in length, punctures & burns up to 1” in diameter, Alloy Wheels.  
  • Exterior Protection against: Fading, Chalking, Loss of gloss, acid rain, bird waste, tree sap, Insect Damage, road salts, ocean spray, paint overspray, hard water spots, etc. 
  • Headlight Lens Protection 
  • Black Molding Protection 
  • Alloy Wheel Protection 
  • No deductible 

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